Matthias Brandes was born in Bochum/Germany.

He studied at the Academy and at the University of Hamburg, specializing in the history of art and in art-pedagogy and graduated as high school teacher, but right from the late '60s he devoted himself almost entirely to painting.

Since 1993 he lives and works in Meolo near by Venice/Italy

Numerous gallery exhibitions and solo shows in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, USA, P.R. China and on Art Fairs

International exhibitions:

1985 Baltic Biennale, Rostock, D.R. Germany

2012 Participation on Creative Cities Collection, Barbican Center/London organized by Olympic Fine Arts/Beijing

2012 Participation on I Ecorea Jellobuk Biennale/Jeonju/South Korea

2015 Solo show Canton Art Fair/ Guangzhou R.P. China

2016 Artfairs: Brussel, London, New York, Singapore, Hongkong, Busan, Nanjing, Seoul, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Strassburg

2017 Artfairs: Brussel, London, New York, Singapore, Hongkong,